[Es2] Es2 aby sedan project

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Wed Apr 13 00:24:42 EDT 2005

Hello everyone.

I'm in the process of probably picking up a 1995 90 "sport" quattro.

This is going to replace my current project and will be the car I keep long term.   The pearl white coupe that I was first working on with the aby motor will be getting a 3b/7a/MCII motronic setup.   

It's kinda crazy.  However it's making sense to me.  I've played around with audi's long enough now to know what are my limits.  I've come to the conclusion that financially the second coupe quattro that I bought is outside the amount of money I want to spend rebuilding a car. I'm also realizing that my first coupe quattro will be worth alot more money with alot of spare parts.  I've also come to realize that my ego is happy with 230hp stock.  However I might install a Rs2 setup in the sedan while the engine is out of the coupe.  Most likely I will wait a while and keep things as simple as possible for now. 

I'm currently in the process of cleaning the garage and tearing the parts car down to shell.   I will then consider drilling out the welds and putting all the parts in storage.   

If things go to plan some form a 20vT 3b motronic setup will be running in the coupe and I will make it to the  popular vw/audi shows Waterfest and Club h20.

I'm thinking, I basically will market the coupe and have a note or something saying that the car will be on Ebay starting on a particular date.

I hope to sell all the parts coupe parts that I don't need with the coupe on ebay.  This includes doors, rear hatch, new windshield, etc.

I've got alot to figure out but I'm happy with my decisions so far.  I'll probably sell the coupe before I finish the sedan but eh.. what can you do.  It's been fun learning about audis but I'm getting tired of it.  Too much, too fast, too soon. 

This is my simplest route out of the audi scene for a while without hanging my head between my legs.  In the end I shouldn't "loose" and I should have a very reliable car that I can take possibly cross country at some point. 


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