[Es2] 996 caliper weight?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Apr 13 08:02:04 EDT 2005

Whew, Chris, you get archivist of the week award!   I used bira system2
(996 cal/s4 rotor) on the eS2, and weighed it when I did the swap.  It
was definitely less in weight than the G60 setup, but I can't find the
details, and can't remember where I posted them.  I just checked the
bira website but no luck.  I do remember the same relationship between
component weights, ie the S4 rotor was much heavier than the G60 rotor,
and the 996 caliper was much lighter than the g60 caliper, for a net
reduction of a couple pounds.  
Interestingly, I just put new front rotors on the S2, and one side
rubbed the caliper very slightly such that I had to grind it down. (jack
corner up, start engine in first gear, hold a file against the rotor
edge!)   Amazing that manufacturing tolerances could be so sloppy.  It
must have been at least 1mm in diam bigger than the one it replaced...

> See below. The Carrera brakes are a bit larger than the 
> Boxster brakes that were weighed, but you get the gist. Chris
> >From Eric Fluhr's post to the Quattro List, 06/06/00
> Ok, I finally finished upgrading to the BIRA System 1 on my 
> Urquattro, replacing the G60 brakes I had installed last year 
> (and toasted at several track events since then). Hopefully 
> this will be a reasonably objective comparison of the BIRA 
> versus the G60 brakes on my car.

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