[Es2] rear rotors from A4 confirmed

John Karasaki johkar at teleport.com
Thu Apr 14 01:37:50 EDT 2005

Unless the beetle bolt pattern has changed from 5x100, you can't use 
it.  Most 5-bolt Audis (all except the TT) use a 5x112 bolt pattern.

I used the front hubs from a ur-S4 for the front of my cq, but haven't 
figured out the back yet.  I was told to use the rear hubs from a 200tq, 
which I have.  But I have not figured out which bearing to use.  The offset 
seem right.

Elijah, thanks for the info on the rotors and your hub information.


At 07:26 AM 4/13/2005 -0400, Elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:
>I'm still interested in putting the urs4 rear calipers on my car. I know I 
>need S8 carriers and new beetle rotors but are the new beetle rotors 
>vented? Is it from the 05 beetle? Thanks,
>In a message dated 4/12/2005 10:02:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
>rhouck at neo.rr.com writes:
>John, Mike, and others,
>The rear rotors with 5 bolt holes are from an A4 1.8t quattro from 2002-2003
>(maybe others). The size is exactly the same as the stock coupe rotors
>(245x10), but with 5 holes. The OEM part number is 8E0615601B, they are
>readily available, and the price is typically $30 or less.
>My rear hubs are the stock pieces, re-drilled for 5 holes, with Porsche
>studs pressed in. I have a very early car, and the rear hubs were solid,
>rather than the later ones I have seen that seem to be cast. I believe the
>stock hubs and the S2 hubs have the same dimensions, other than the number
>of holes. The fact that some have redrilled their stock rotors for use with
>the S2 hub tells me that the rotor and hub are essentially the same. I know
>of someone local that has purchased the S2 hubs and these rotors, and will
>be installing them soon. I will let everone know if there is a problem, but
>I don't see why there would be.
>BTW, I have been running my fully dedicated track coupe (10v turbo) with the
>Porsche studs exclusively for at least 5 years, with no problems. I am using
>the A8 front rotors with Boxster calipers, and my own adaptor bracket. I
>modified the front hubs from a UFO equiped car, so I do not know if they are
>exactly the same dimensions as some of the others. I do know that the
>splines matched, so it was fairly simple to use.

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