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Off topic... but the last you posted, the RS Tuning header wouldn't fit in your car.  What did you do to make it work?
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Hi all, well I got a chance to inspect all the cv joints last night  and they 
were all fine so the problem is in the clutch/flywheel/pressureplate. I  hope 
to pull the trans this weekend to inspect it. Does anyone know if the stock  
91 Coupe transmission can fit the URS4/S6 clutch and flywheel or is there a  
difference that wouldn't allow this. The reason I ask is that the HACK shop in  
Canada that put the engine and trans together used my aluminum flywheel and  
centerforce clutch from my URS4. I wouldn't put it past them to have just 
shoved  it on wether it fit correct or not. The only thing I can think that 
be  different is the input shaft on the trans but I don't know. When I have 
the car  in first gear I can roll it back and forth and feel it kind of catch 
for a  second like the shaft is stripped from the clutch. All input very 
appreciated.  Also any recomendations for new clutch/pressureplate would be 

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