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Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Apr 9 22:50:49 EDT 2005

Maybe it's just me and I brushed by too fast , but COULD YOU MAKE THEM ANY 


(said with a smile)

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> Took the tranny out today and found that the clutch spun itself in half in
> between where the shaft goes in and the contact area. The aluminum 
> flywheel
> looks fine and the pressure plate looked fine. The clutch was a 
> centerforce and
> served me well for over a year in the S4 but must have given up in the 
> coupe,
> go  figure. Pictures are posted on motorgeek.com Any recomendations on a 
> new
> clutch  that will work with the ASW aluminum flywheel?
> Elijah
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