[Es2] Re: [s-cars] clutch problem

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Thu Apr 14 19:19:51 EDT 2005

In a message dated 4/14/2005 7:14:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, CaptMagu  


This is the  first time I have heard of this type of failure with 
Centerforce. Any chance  it could have been mechanic error, as in over toqueing, that led 
to the  failure?

Hap, wit dakine Central curiosity from Evahboost,  Maguire

 I would bet that is was human error and not the clutch but I just  bought a 
clutch from clutchnet.com that has a more solid center to make sure  this 
won't happen again.


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