[Es2] intercooler and oil cooler installed

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Mon Apr 18 09:31:43 EDT 2005

I'm installing a similar Mocal oil cooler to Elijah's, using the stock
oil cooler lines from the 3B. Do you know offhand what adaptor is needed
to go from Audi lines to the Mocal?

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Hey guys, I spent the day Saturday at a friends shop working on the
We fit a 24x12x3 FMIC and my 19 row mocal oil cooler. It was a tight fit
but it  just made it. Here is a link to audiworld. There is a picture
with the bumber  off and another with the bumber on farther down in the
thread. I only had one  bolt in each side hand tight on the bumber so it
sags a little but it it does  fit!!
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