[Es2] Shine Spring set

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Tue Apr 26 13:34:21 EDT 2005

As I mentioned earlier: this winter I had the S2 suspension overhauled,
new bushings all around, new rear A-arms, strut mounts, bearings etc.
Most significant change which drove the whole process was exchanging my
H&R springs for a set made by Shine Racing.  I've had a few hundred
miles of driving now and since some folks asked for a report:

I disliked having the car lowered as much as the H&R springs.  It looked
mean but for a daily driver I didn't like worrying about speed bumps,
potholes and esp. snow.  The Shine springs restore approximately stock
ride height.

Bump steer:  I was getting what I thought was a lot of bump steer which
I theorized was the effect of the tie rod arms over-reacting due to the
more acute angle brought on by the lowered springs.  Bump steer is now
gone, but in the course of the overhaul I discovered my rear a arm
bushings were shot which would also explain dartiness over bumps, so

Ride: the shine springs are linear not progressive, so at rest if you
lean on a corner, it actually feels stiffer than the HRs.  And sure
enough, it isn't any softer over small irregularities and may in fact be
stiffer.  I installed the factory rear hatch upgrade with no discernible
improvement!  In hard corners, though, I really like the linearity of
the chassis response: the amount of roll seems directly commensurate
with cornering force.  It feels great in corners, and under load it is
certainly more compliant over bumps etc than the H&Rs.  One of the
maxims of race car tuning is that you want to fit the car with the
softest possible springs that will still allow maximum suspension range
without bottoming under maximum load.  (at which time spring rate goes
to zero like your radio flyer wagon)  I suspect these springs are the
only way to do that and still get street-friendly ride height.   

In general, this was a good compromise that I'm very happy with.  Spring
perch design was a little different but shine provides the new perches
so no problem there.


PS:  while I was at the shop, I found my old RS2 pressure plate and
flywheel, factory new, never used, if anyone needs it make me an offer.
It requires a spacer between the transaxle and the block which is why we
couldn't use it back when the engine was apart.  S

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