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Sat Apr 30 11:13:38 EDT 2005


Bumper pictures please


At 10:57 PM 4/29/2005, jslevitt959 at aol.com wrote:
>See below for a list of other items I will be parting with. Please respond 
>privately, as I don’t want to take all the precious bandwidth for items 
>being parted out. (jslevitt959 at aol.com)
>Driver’s 2 piece Recaro ­ Red insert/black outside (with anti-submarine 
>port) - all hardware to bolt into stock guides for electric seats. I paid 
>about 1300 for everything; It’s yours for 850+shipping or pick it up in 
>Westchester County, NY and save on shipping.
>Momo steering wheel ­ leather ­ red and black with custom machining to 
>mate to steering column with full horn functionality. It’s yours for 
>200+shipping or pick it up in Westchester County, NY and save on shipping.
>RS2 headlights (with protective app) It’s yours for 200+shipping or pick 
>it up in Westchester County, NY and save on shipping. If you pick up in 
>person, you can take the hood for best fitment as well.
>Make sure you’re sitting down for this one
 All for the Coupe Quattro, 
>primed ready to paint...
>RS2 Audi+Porsche factory front bumper and hardware

>RS2 rear bumper and hardware

>Aftermarket running boards that much upto the RS2 front and back bumper.
>Customs didn’t want me to have that stuff, but I got it through, after a 
>long wait.
>Please make an offer if you’re interested.
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