[Es2] Help! My @#$%!!! fuel injectors are trashed

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Sat Apr 30 14:38:45 EDT 2005

Ask them the test pressure and value they're seeing on the good ones.

If they sold injectors that flowed just like the 3b, then you wouldn't
need the regulator.
Are you going to chip the ECU?  If so, ask the guy making the chip; he
could likely map it for a particular injector flow, and you might find
cheaper injectors that work with the stock 3B pressure regulator.  Check
www.s2central.net forums; various stuff tried there.

BTW ask around for used injectors (I need _one_ 3B injector myself).


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So, my 3B turbo transplant project is crawling along. J&E pistons
shipped yesterday, so the engine mechanicals will be ready very soon. I
have solutions for most of the big transplant issues, and I thought I'd
spend a few $ to clean up the stock fuel injectors that came with my
donor 3B. Sent them all to Marren for testing and cleaning. Then I got
"the call" from Marren. You know it's bad when they don't leave much of
a message, but just ask you to call them back asap. It's bad, one
injector is totally unserviceable and the others won't flow enough.

Marren is recommending a set of 36lb/hr models as a replacement/upgrade
option for $425/set. How does this sound? They are also recommending a
new fuel pressure regulator. Is this required? What is everyone else
doing? Which ECU upgrade should I do to match the new fuel system?

I need to make a decision soon, so, thanks for any help.

Mike Teter
Colorado Springs, CO

90 CQ

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