[Es2] replacement for foam in the air/heater box?

Tom Saltino saltinot at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 8 18:24:14 EDT 2005

Peter Schulz wrote:

>Helped Chris Miller pull the airbox/heater box from his Coupe to replace 
>the heater core and run the 200 20v wiring harness for his 3B 
>conversion.  As expected, most of the foam on the airbox flaps is in the 
>process of disintegrating.
>Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the foam that can take some 
>heat AND humidity?
>1991 200 20v Q Avant Titan Grey
>1991 200 20v Q Avant Indigo Mica
>1991 90 20v Q Red
>1990 CQ silver (awaiting S2 engine transplant)
>Chelmsford Ma, USA 
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I've just gotten through (yesterday) reworking my heater box with some 
foam that I found at the local Ace.  It seems like decent stuff and 
"auto" was listed as one of the applications.  It is more dense than the 
normal home insulating foam, has adhesive on one side, and is about an 
inch wide.  You can cut the stuff lengthwise to fit the edges of the 
flaps if necessary.  A ten foot roll cost me around $5.


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