[Es2] [s-cars] RS Tuning tube header cracks at second track event

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Do you have a flexible section of pipe between your WG and your downpipe?  If not, that is why it failed.  Otherwise, I think you are having excessive EGTs.  It is pretty odd that it cracked on the WG pipe.
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Hey guys, just got back from a 3 day event at Waterford Hills. The car ran good 
most of the time but I did have a few issues. The first one was that the 
subframe bolts would not stay tight and when I went to re-torque them I over 
torqued one and it broke off up in the frame. Luckily there was another coupe 
there that had an engine blow and was being trailored home so I was able to get 
a bolt from him to continue the event. I got a bolt extractor and drilled and 
extracted the bolt only having to miss one  rungroup. I put a bunch of lock 
tight one them and they seemed to hold. The other problem I was having was after 
about 15 minutes on the track the car would dial boost back from 24-26psi down 
to 10-12psi. I never figured out why it was doing this but all I can think is 
the EGT's were just getting to hot. My oil and coolant temps were fine and 
although I don't have an intake air temp sensor the tube coming out of the cold 
side of the intercooler stayed fairly cool. On the last
  day I felt like I had a boost leak and could hear a hissing sound so I pulled 
of to check and noticed a nice size crack in the tube header on the tube that 
goes to the WG. This car has only been to two track events so I'm not real 
excited about the build quality of these headers. Hope the others running them 
do some major looking over and maybe some more structural welds like HAP did. 
I'll be having mine welded for now but am going to have a better one made soon. 
Any feedback on the boost backoff is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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