[Es2] 6 speed swap troubles

elijahallen92@aol.com elijahallen92 at aol.com
Mon Aug 29 20:27:57 EDT 2005

Hey guys, ok little recap of progress, car is running well other than MAF's being eaten every week or so (think I have this problem figured out), I am putting the DSY 6 speed in this weekend and first problem is I can't get it to go in reverse, I have the RS2 shift linkage and shifter but as soon as it feels like its going in it just stops. Second problem is the clutch pedal feels like it only goes part way down before it just stops. This is the same clutch and pressure plate that I used with the stock coupe tranny, could this be the problem?? Also, is the coupe TOB the same as the AAN TOB (throw out bearing)?

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