[Es2] ready to get in on the action

Dave Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Mon Dec 12 21:02:26 EST 2005

Post conversion cars are not common at all.  I have only seen three for 
sale in the past 4-5 years (not looking hard mind you) and one was a 
10vt.  Brandon's was the other then there was a niceone in Florida but 
it was too bling for me.

 From what  I understand, without an engine you are looking at $12k for 
the total install.  I have my engine and plan to do it myself or maybe 
have someone do the wiring. 

Good luck,
Dave in PA

Adam Ordway wrote:

>Now that my B5 S4 is gone (end of lease) I am ready to get into position
>for a jump into the ES2 world.  I currently own a decent early CQ and
>have the needed S2 body parts (bumpers, hood, lights) stored away.  The
>next step for me is to decide to wait for a post conversion car to come
>up for sale or to hunt down someone to do the work (mechanicals and
>body).  I live in New England and would appreciate any opinions on the
>likelyhood of a car coming available before spring and whether there is
>someone in the Northeast that is known to be able to pull this off (as
>I've learned from 18 months of being on this list that it is well beyond
>my abilities).
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