[Es2] Re: Scammer alert!

Mike Teter mike at nittigritti.com
Fri Dec 16 13:11:49 EST 2005

Hey Elijah,

Having found myself on the losing end of a scam recently, I feel your  

I live only a handful of miles from the address you show for the guy.  
I could do a "drive by" to see if the address is legit. If you are  
still wanting to do biz with the him, you could Paypal me and I'll  
give him a check or whatever.

Mike Teter
Colorado Springs, CO
ebay id: mikethemacroid

> Hey guys, I'm sure most of you have seen this guys ads but for  
> those who have not, this guy goes by Jerry Tilferd but according to  
> a guy on audiworld that bought a car from him his real name is  
> Jared Tilford. He is selling urs-car parts and I hear he has them  
> listed in several different places although I have only delt with  
> him on AW. Below are the emails I exchanged with him and also a  
> couple of my post to AW and other peoples experiances with this  
> guy. I clearly gave him a chance to clear his name but he chose to  
> be silent so here I am Jerry/Jared, I thought I would include his  
> email so he can see what a POS he really is and since we have so  
> many listers in Colorado and he left his address for me to send  
> payment to, maybe he deserves a little visit from the CO Mafia.  
> Anyway, watch out for this guy and spread the word to others that  
> might come across his adds.
> Elijah

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