[Es2] Scammer alert! (A REAL Story)

bhowell at rmi.net bhowell at rmi.net
Fri Dec 16 19:53:32 EST 2005

This guy owes me money, so let me see if I can help out here at all.

I will start out by saying that, yes, he has completed one transaction with
one AW member, but it is not fully completed and it was not easy.

 His name is Jared Tilford, period! He has also posted as Jerry Tilford,
Jerry Tilferd, and Jared Tilferd. This is not an accident, not a mis-stroke
of the keyboard, and not a mistake
.it is my belief that he is doing this,
so when he goes to a bank to cash a check or money order with his name
misspelled, at least it’s “Close Enough” and he gets to use a name that is
somewhat different when he posts to the various market places. Why else
would someone misspell their name? There is no logical reason why you would
do that.

Next, we have exchanged (not so nice) e-mails about his address being
“owned” by William (a.k.a. Buck) Tilford. I have called the land line phone
number that is registered to that address MANY MANY times and no one EVER
picks up or returns messages. That land line number will also give you
“Buck” Tilford’s cell phone number, which, as I am sure you can guess, no
one EVER answers or returns messages. Jared claims that “Buck” Tilford is
the property owner and he is renting from him. On top of that, “Buck” has
no idea how to get a hold of him and I should stop harassing him
immediately. When I asked if it was complete coincidence that they share
the same last name, he told me that he didn’t have to answer my questions. 

What he is holding of mine is a deposit that I gave him for an S6 Avant he
listed on Audifans back in November. This car was, according to him, not in
operable condition and needed to be towed. I was close enough to him (about
an hour and half drive) and the deposit amount was low enough, that I felt
comfortable do this. We then made plans to meet at his place to complete
the transaction on a certain day. I called the night before to make
arrangements and got no answer and no response to my message. Next day
(meeting day), I called AT LEAST 12 times throughout the day to try and
come down. You guessed it once again; no one EVER picked up or returned my
calls. His claim, 3 weeks later and the first communication since I sent
him money, was that I BROKE THE DEAL and he was FORCED to sell the car to
someone else. Now, I ask you, why would I go to the trouble of driving my
8mpg truck to borrow a trailer, go to the bank and with draw thousands of
dollars and clear an entire day to pick this thing up, just to blow him off
and break our deal? It makes no sense at all! 

Earlier this week, he posted some stuff for sale on Audiworld and I quickly
e-mailed him after I saw those ads about the money he stole from me. He
e-mails back (amazingly enough) and says that he didn’t steal it, he is
keeping it, because I broke the deal. He claims that I NEVER called him.
His “offer” is, when he gets his cell phone bill on Dec. 14th, if I called
him more than once, he will refund my money. All I have to do, to have a
call NOT logged, is just turn my phone off. Well, I gave him until the 14th
..Nothing, nada, no call, no e-mail, and most of all, no money! What
a guy!  

There are several legitimate local buyers who have wanted to buy large
items from him (motors, wheels and tires, etc) and the moment they mention
they are local, all communication stops! Why? You would think it would be
easier for him to sell it locally?

Also, I have tried the “muddipaws” address and it gets returned as
undeliverable. There is another, older, e-mail address that is associated
with Buck Tilford (bucktil4d at aol.com) that comes back undeliverable. Also,
I now have been blocked from his “Turboaudiracer” AOL address. I have tried
to e-mail him from another e-mail account now and, of course, no response! 

Maybe he spent my money and doesn’t have it to give back? I have given him
the “out” of a discount on something else he is selling. No luck there
either. I have said it before and I’ll say it again here, I am not pissed
that the deal fell through (unhappy maybe), I am pissed that he is holding
my money and blaming me for it.  If he gave my money back tomorrow, the
first thing I would do would be to tell all of you here and everyone on
Audiworld and do my best to “Clear” his name. He is making it pretty clear
that is not going to happen though. 

FWIW, his address, while Colorado Springs based, is actually in a little
town called Falcon. It appears to be a farming community outside Colorado
Springs. According to the El Paso County Assessor’s web site, it was
purchased in 1997 by William Tilford for $25,250, is 35 acres in size and
has a modular home on it. Its current value is $157,087. Just in case
anyone cares. 

One more time here

.Jared, SEND ME MY MONEY!!! If anyone cares to foreword
this to him, that would be very helpful. Maybe he would like to tell his
side of the story? I, for one, would LOVE to hear it.

I hope that helps someone else NOT get ripped off! 

Ben Howell
Evergreen, CO
83’ UrQ
84’ 4kq
85’ UrQ 
91’ V8
95’ S6 Avant (still in Falcon Colorado though)

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