[Es2] got a CQ

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 23:16:29 EST 2005

Hi all,

I just posted this to the 20v list, which doesn't seem very active. 
It's relevant to this list too, so I'll put it here too.

I just got a Coupe quattro.  It's an early build, 1990, with the tube header and
old style ISV valve.  Black on black leather.  I'm really liking it.
Near term plans include a short shifter and window tint.  Longer term
plans are to put in the 3B I had gotten for my 4kq.  

I fancied the idea of having both a 2.2 liter 3B project and a 2.5
liter stroker motor using a 7A head since I have them both and will
need new pistons and rods anyway, leaving the 3B long block unused,
but in order make it more manageable I've decided that those projects
are one and the same.  I'll worry about building the stroker motor
after the car is up on the stockish 3B.  I'll have to tackle many of
the same issues Elijah is dealing with related to the RS Tuning

The car is great with just a handful of issues.  The drivers seatback
doesn't move with the switches.  The water temp gauge is intermittent
and I have a new MFTS on order.  I fixed a high idle that was a
misadjusted switch and throttle stop.  There is some kind of looseness
or clunking when unloading or loading the rear drivetrain.  The blower
motor seems to be shot, and I don't think the rear defrost switch is
working.  Other than that, it seems perfect and I'm enjoying it more
each day I drive it.  It's my first car that included a big stack of
records and receipts from previous owners who actually did the
required maintenance on the car.

It's a trip, because I haven't really been exposed to CQ's before,
either admiring or driving.  These really are special cars.  I'm
happy.  The whole thing came out of the blue somewhat.  Two of my
friends bought CQ's for themselves and I began noticing how nice they
were (not necessarily the examples, no offense to them, but more the
features and design of the car itself).  It reminds me a bit of a
sporty version of my 200q20v.  It's actually more of a pleasure to
drive on the highway, which I really did not expect.  I'm impressed at
the highway manners of the car.  Incredibly long legs for such a small
car, and how stable it is at speed is amazing.

It just needs some more power and some other mods (like carbon fiber
hood, RS2 headlights, black sport grille with black rings, and other
stuff) and it would be a really sweet ride.  I'm even impressed by the
stock suspension!  Am I getting old or something?  =) How can a stock
car have a suspension, as far as ride and handling, that I like right
out of the box?  I wouldn't mind it if it were lower, at least for
looks.  However I don't think I want it to be any bumpier or bouncier
than it is now.  If it's possible to stiffen it up a bit without
ruining the great compromise and balance it already has, then I'd like
to do that.

What's the hot setup for suspension on these cars?  I know 2B has
Ground Control slip on type coilovers for it, and GC can probably
offer something directly.  I think I want something that can be
adjusted pretty low.  Apparently if my car was built after 6/89, I
could put KW coilovers on it from Tuning Zubehor.  What was the change
to the suspension then?  Did the struts change to two-piece at that

If anyone has any thoughts on the power seat fix, please let me know.
That seat has been reupholstered, so that could perhaps be related to
the failure.  Offlist please, in the case of the eS2 list, unless
y'all don't mind.



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