[Es2] got a CQ

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Thu Feb 24 08:08:57 EST 2005

 Hey, congatulations on the new car. Its nice to here you say how much  you 
like the car. I to had no experiance with the Coupe before I bought mine  other 
than riding in a couple track cars like Dean Treadways car. Since I still  
have yet to drive mine I have been nervous of how its highway manners are as  
well as how much to stiffen the roll with bigger roll bars. The header was a bit 
 of a PITA but the welding shop I used got the bracket done in one day so I  
couldn't complain to much. I have the car at a local exhaust guy that builds  
tube headers mostly. His work is very nice so if these manifolds don't hold up 
 he might be a good replacement. His are all ss and less money, imagine that! 
One  thing I don't get is, Hap tried this setup on his car and it bolted up 
right?  Are these headers so different that mine would hit the engine mounting 
bracket  with a half inch to go and his would clear? I'll keep you posted on 
any other  issues. Keep us posted on any new progress you have. This list is 
very slow so  we need all the posts we can get.


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