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David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Thu Feb 24 10:04:09 EST 2005

Hi Ken,

The best place I have found for "talking" about these cars is 

It is a UK based BB and the folks there are very friendly and helpful.  
The 20v list has helped my enormously since I bought my first 20v 6 
years ago but has since grown to be a bit close minded.

Be sure to get your short shift kit from Bilzcat, the originator.  The 
"other" kit is a direct hit on Richard's business (IMO) from within the 
Audi community.

As for the suspension, I have H&R springs and Bilstein Sport shocks.  
This set up I think would fit your needs.  The car is a bit lower, it 
corner's nicely but still retains a decent ride.  My CQ is a daily 
driver and I don't need a sore back...

Power (actually lack there of) is something we all struggle with.  I 
also have a 3B to install but the swap is rather involved as you know.  
Once that is done I honestly do not know if I could ever part with this car.

I assume you know you will have to go to the B4 hood for a proper fir of 
the RS2 lights.  You will need the B4 rad support as well.  There is a 
CF hood available out there somewhere and it is supposed to be nice.  
Sorry I don't have more details, again the s2forum has a thread on it.

my car: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/desmo888/eS2_6_04.jpg

Best of Luck and welcome to the club!

Dave K.
'90 CQ

Kenneth Keith wrote:

>Hi all,
>I just posted this to the 20v list, which doesn't seem very active. 
>It's relevant to this list too, so I'll put it here too.
>I just got a Coupe quattro.  It's an early build, 1990, with the tube header and
>old style ISV valve.  Black on black leather.  I'm really liking it.
>Near term plans include a short shifter and window tint.  Longer term
>plans are to put in the 3B I had gotten for my 4kq.  
>I fancied the idea of having both a 2.2 liter 3B project and a 2.5
>liter stroker motor using a 7A head since I have them both and will
>need new pistons and rods anyway, leaving the 3B long block unused,
>but in order make it more manageable I've decided that those projects
>are one and the same.  I'll worry about building the stroker motor
>after the car is up on the stockish 3B.  I'll have to tackle many of
>the same issues Elijah is dealing with related to the RS Tuning
>The car is great with just a handful of issues.  The drivers seatback
>doesn't move with the switches.  The water temp gauge is intermittent
>and I have a new MFTS on order.  I fixed a high idle that was a
>misadjusted switch and throttle stop.  There is some kind of looseness
>or clunking when unloading or loading the rear drivetrain.  The blower
>motor seems to be shot, and I don't think the rear defrost switch is
>working.  Other than that, it seems perfect and I'm enjoying it more
>each day I drive it.  It's my first car that included a big stack of
>records and receipts from previous owners who actually did the
>required maintenance on the car.
>It's a trip, because I haven't really been exposed to CQ's before,
>either admiring or driving.  These really are special cars.  I'm
>happy.  The whole thing came out of the blue somewhat.  Two of my
>friends bought CQ's for themselves and I began noticing how nice they
>were (not necessarily the examples, no offense to them, but more the
>features and design of the car itself).  It reminds me a bit of a
>sporty version of my 200q20v.  It's actually more of a pleasure to
>drive on the highway, which I really did not expect.  I'm impressed at
>the highway manners of the car.  Incredibly long legs for such a small
>car, and how stable it is at speed is amazing.
>It just needs some more power and some other mods (like carbon fiber
>hood, RS2 headlights, black sport grille with black rings, and other
>stuff) and it would be a really sweet ride.  I'm even impressed by the
>stock suspension!  Am I getting old or something?  =) How can a stock
>car have a suspension, as far as ride and handling, that I like right
>out of the box?  I wouldn't mind it if it were lower, at least for
>looks.  However I don't think I want it to be any bumpier or bouncier
>than it is now.  If it's possible to stiffen it up a bit without
>ruining the great compromise and balance it already has, then I'd like
>to do that.
>What's the hot setup for suspension on these cars?  I know 2B has
>Ground Control slip on type coilovers for it, and GC can probably
>offer something directly.  I think I want something that can be
>adjusted pretty low.  Apparently if my car was built after 6/89, I
>could put KW coilovers on it from Tuning Zubehor.  What was the change
>to the suspension then?  Did the struts change to two-piece at that
>If anyone has any thoughts on the power seat fix, please let me know.
>That seat has been reupholstered, so that could perhaps be related to
>the failure.  Offlist please, in the case of the eS2 list, unless
>y'all don't mind.
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