[Es2] got a CQ

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 24 10:44:44 EST 2005

> As for the suspension, I have H&R springs and
> Bilstein Sport shocks.  
> This set up I think would fit your needs.  The car
> is a bit lower, it 
> corner's nicely but still retains a decent ride.  My
> CQ is a daily 
> driver and I don't need a sore back...
Ditto here, I've had this setup for close to 10 years
now and it seems to be the perfect setup for a coupe
that sees significant street use.  A stiffer coilover
setup would be more appropriate if the car is
primarily for track days though.
Don't lower it too far or you will run into bump steer
and alignment and steering geometry problems.  My
setup lowers about 1" and it aligns OK but no room to
spare on camber adjustment.  You don't want it much
more negative than spec unless it is track only.
Like Dave said, get the Bilzcat short shifter:
As for the seat, there is a diagnostics procedure in
the Bentley manual (get one if you don't have it yet).
 In order of likelyhood it could be a connector not
making contact (or not plugged in), the control
module, or the motor.
Good Luck and welcome!

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