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Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 12:29:12 EST 2005

Hi Dave,

Dude, did you forget us talking on the phone?  =)  Supply chain
management, six sigma quality and all that, the Ross "most inspected
piston" conversation, etc.  I "know you" from S2forum, I'm user
"auditude".  Shoot, I bought your extra 3B wiring harness, remember! 
;-)  I'm the guy with the 4kstq project that was going get my donor 3B
, and I've got the Eurovan motor, tube header, and Wagner intake to
use to build a stroker version.  Well, now that I've got the CQ, I'm
not as interested in the 4kstq project, at least not in 20vt
configuration version. =D

I mention that because of the somewhat introductory explanation of
what S2forum, which of course is a good heads up for other eS2 list
members who are not already there.  =)

On the short shifter, I'll be doing one but I'm not going to pay that
price, even from the originator.  I'm going to make my own using the
same parts as shown here:

I can file out my own mounting holes for the $65 difference. =P  While
I think there is a place for Richards product, I also think things
like this should be more open source, like the DIY big brake info
that's out there.

Do you have any pictures of your cars stance with the H&R/Bilstein
combo?  My car has Bilstein HD's in the front.  I'm not sure if they
will work as well as Sports would with as low as I'm likely to want to
be.  I'd like to see how you car sits, but I'm most interested in
finding or creating a coilover setup for the car.

I'm considering my options for hood and headlights, as well as front
bumper, altho' I'm going to try not to get too nutty with the spending
in the near term, since I hadn't ever even thought about having a CQ
as recently as a month back.  Now that I have it tho', I see that it's
the type of car I could really go nuts on.

I'm thinking RS2 ellipsoids with eventual HID's (if they end up
working well with the setup).  For the hood, I'm either going to go
with the $629 (+$175 for the full carbon underframe instead of
fiberglass, hopefully to not require hood pins after Elijah pointed
out that issue for high speed use) FiberImages carbon one, or perhaps
the incredibly cheap at $77 Certifit.com sheet metal B4 hood.  The
pieces for underneath are like $15 and $10 each.  It's all
aftermarket, but I've heard good feedback on the parts.  They are also
local.  So I may actually spread it out and get a Certifit B4 hood and
RS2 lights to be able to see well at night, and then get the carbon
hood later.  The FI carbon hood is available for the lowest price from
Ben/Ubernugen, who is the competition to Richard/Billzcat1 you

Btw, I think the new short shifter for 200's and such that Richard is
offering is really impressive.  I just think I won't be throwing money
at the 200q20v at the same rate now that the CQ is here.  Actually the
200 is almost done anyway, as far as spending (not installation).

I know EXACTLY what you mean about not being able to part wtih the car
once the turbo is in!  I almost feel that way right now!  I got a
pretty decent deal on the car, and I considered "flipping it" (selling
for a profit) if possible, but now that I see it, it's a keeper.

Check this out.  I think my car needs some front rotors, or at least a
turning.  I saw the DIY 996 caliper conversion on S2forum/Vwvortex for
5x112mm cars.  Since I have a set of 18x8's OZ Superleggera's for my
200q20v, I was thinking instead of spending new money on 4x108mm
wheels (and instead of putting my heavy and not sweet enough 17" TSW's
from my Coupe GT on it), I could spend that money on some 5 bolt hubs
and put those wheels on it.  Then I can do the DIY big brake kit with
OEM rotors and stuff.  Sort of killing two birds with one stone.  I
still have to refinish the wheels and get tires tho', so it's more of
an idea at this point.  So, I'd want to make sure whatever stance I
end up with is compatible with some 18x8" 35mm offset wheels.  Is
anyone running that type of setup on their cars?

My short term plans for the car are to tint the windows, put in a
short shifter, replace the MFTS, inspect the brakes and suspension
(maybe turn the rotors), and see if I still have a Borla 2.25" laying
around (and if it's not smaller than the exhaust I'll replace one of
the stock units with it).  I do like how quiet it is compared to my
two friends cars, which have much louder exhausts.  I'm wondering if
freeing up the exhaust will help the power delivery at all.  If I
don't still have that Borla, I'll leave it stock until forced
induction time.

It's been a long time since I was this excited about a car.  That is,
unless I have a short memory!  Oh yeah, I want to build a subwoofer
box to take advantage of the hatchbacks good bass response
characteristics.  I know it adds weight, but I'll just have to
compensate for that later.

Where's the best deal for H&R springs?



On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 10:04:11 -0500, David Kase <davekase at pdqlocks.com> wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> The best place I have found for "talking" about these cars is
> www.s2forum.com
> It is a UK based BB and the folks there are very friendly and helpful.
> The 20v list has helped my enormously since I bought my first 20v 6
> years ago but has since grown to be a bit close minded.
> Be sure to get your short shift kit from Bilzcat, the originator.  The
> "other" kit is a direct hit on Richard's business (IMO) from within the
> Audi community.
> As for the suspension, I have H&R springs and Bilstein Sport shocks.
> This set up I think would fit your needs.  The car is a bit lower, it
> corner's nicely but still retains a decent ride.  My CQ is a daily
> driver and I don't need a sore back...
> Power (actually lack there of) is something we all struggle with.  I
> also have a 3B to install but the swap is rather involved as you know.
> Once that is done I honestly do not know if I could ever part with this car.
> I assume you know you will have to go to the B4 hood for a proper fir of
> the RS2 lights.  You will need the B4 rad support as well.  There is a
> CF hood available out there somewhere and it is supposed to be nice.
> Sorry I don't have more details, again the s2forum has a thread on it.
> my car: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/desmo888/eS2_6_04.jpg
> Best of Luck and welcome to the club!
> Dave K.
> '90 CQ
> Kenneth Keith wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I just posted this to the 20v list, which doesn't seem very active.
> >It's relevant to this list too, so I'll put it here too.
> >
> >I just got a Coupe quattro.  It's an early build, 1990, with the tube header and
> >old style ISV valve.  Black on black leather.  I'm really liking it.
> >Near term plans include a short shifter and window tint.  Longer term
> >plans are to put in the 3B I had gotten for my 4kq.
> >
> >I fancied the idea of having both a 2.2 liter 3B project and a 2.5
> >liter stroker motor using a 7A head since I have them both and will
> >need new pistons and rods anyway, leaving the 3B long block unused,
> >but in order make it more manageable I've decided that those projects
> >are one and the same.  I'll worry about building the stroker motor
> >after the car is up on the stockish 3B.  I'll have to tackle many of
> >the same issues Elijah is dealing with related to the RS Tuning
> >header.
> >
> >The car is great with just a handful of issues.  The drivers seatback
> >doesn't move with the switches.  The water temp gauge is intermittent
> >and I have a new MFTS on order.  I fixed a high idle that was a
> >misadjusted switch and throttle stop.  There is some kind of looseness
> >or clunking when unloading or loading the rear drivetrain.  The blower
> >motor seems to be shot, and I don't think the rear defrost switch is
> >working.  Other than that, it seems perfect and I'm enjoying it more
> >each day I drive it.  It's my first car that included a big stack of
> >records and receipts from previous owners who actually did the
> >required maintenance on the car.
> >
> >It's a trip, because I haven't really been exposed to CQ's before,
> >either admiring or driving.  These really are special cars.  I'm
> >happy.  The whole thing came out of the blue somewhat.  Two of my
> >friends bought CQ's for themselves and I began noticing how nice they
> >were (not necessarily the examples, no offense to them, but more the
> >features and design of the car itself).  It reminds me a bit of a
> >sporty version of my 200q20v.  It's actually more of a pleasure to
> >drive on the highway, which I really did not expect.  I'm impressed at
> >the highway manners of the car.  Incredibly long legs for such a small
> >car, and how stable it is at speed is amazing.
> >
> >It just needs some more power and some other mods (like carbon fiber
> >hood, RS2 headlights, black sport grille with black rings, and other
> >stuff) and it would be a really sweet ride.  I'm even impressed by the
> >stock suspension!  Am I getting old or something?  =) How can a stock
> >car have a suspension, as far as ride and handling, that I like right
> >out of the box?  I wouldn't mind it if it were lower, at least for
> >looks.  However I don't think I want it to be any bumpier or bouncier
> >than it is now.  If it's possible to stiffen it up a bit without
> >ruining the great compromise and balance it already has, then I'd like
> >to do that.
> >
> >What's the hot setup for suspension on these cars?  I know 2B has
> >Ground Control slip on type coilovers for it, and GC can probably
> >offer something directly.  I think I want something that can be
> >adjusted pretty low.  Apparently if my car was built after 6/89, I
> >could put KW coilovers on it from Tuning Zubehor.  What was the change
> >to the suspension then?  Did the struts change to two-piece at that
> >point?
> >
> >If anyone has any thoughts on the power seat fix, please let me know.
> >That seat has been reupholstered, so that could perhaps be related to
> >the failure.  Offlist please, in the case of the eS2 list, unless
> >y'all don't mind.
> >
> >Later,
> >
> >Ken
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