[Es2] used s2 hubs

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Fri Feb 25 13:00:47 EST 2005

Flexx on the forum breaks S2's regularly and ships to the USA.  Be sure 
to nail down the condition very specically before you buy.  If you do 
not ask about the specific condition, he will not tell you.  BTDT

Dave Kase
'90 CQ

Kenneth Keith wrote:

>My CQ has a brake shimmy or some other such nonsense in the front when
>I hit the brakes.  I have some 18x8" OZ Superleggera's without tires I
>was going to put on my 200q20v.  I'm thinking that since I need to
>give the brakes some attention, since I'll need to upgrade them later,
>and since I have the wheels already, that I should explore the idea of
>converting to S2 hubs and then do the bolt on 996 caliper big brake
>route with the OZ's on that car.  I also already have RS2 caliper
>I see that Alex has S2 hubs for like $700.  I would like to explore
>the possibility of getting some used ones from Europe.  Has anyone
>done this?  Are there any "breakers" over there that will pull and
>ship to the U.S.?  I checked S2forum and saw a thread about this
>subject, but the main question never got answered.
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