[Es2] 3B/CQ Wiring progress and questions

Mike Teter mike at nittigritti.com
Fri Feb 25 15:48:49 EST 2005

Time for a brief update and a couple of questions for the community of 

The cold weather has slowed the 3B swap project, but progress is being 
made. The donor 3B has been completely stripped down and is at the 
machine shop for head work, block cleanup, balancing, piston coating, 
etc. Should be clean and ready for reassembly mid March. A rebuilt CRB, 
6-speed transmission is due to arrive from Germany some time early 
April. My stock k24 turbo is a little sloppy on the shaft, but I 
suppose it will do until I can find a better solution (it is easy to 
pull the turbo with the engine installed, right?) Thanks to Steve for 
the S2 downpipe, it will help the swap go smoothly. RS2 manifold, S2 
intercooler with crosspipe, etc is on hand, so I'm close to being fully 
loaded with goodies for the swap.

With the engine out of sight for a while, I thought I'd prepare the 
wiring harness for the swap, tagging the 3B connectors and researching 
the hacks needed to fit with the CQ wiring. Since I had no chance to 
see the 3B harness installed in the donor 200, I'm totally going at 
this from the Bentley manual and the few web resources that describe 
the wiring. Only a few connectors remain to be identified, and 
questions have come up with those that are known. One connector in 
particular has me stumped. It is black connector tagged as "T6f" in the 
wiring charts. The charts seem to indicate the connector is not 
connected with anything and just dead ends at itself. Is this right? 
Also, I've learned that I'm missing two "important?" electrical 
components that should have come from my donor 200. I think I need both 
the altitude sensor and after-run coolant pump relay. Are these easy to 
get? Will they only come from a 91 200TQ or are the similar to other 
Audi models?

Photos of the T6f connector are here, in case a visual helps. 

Thanks for any help and advice!

Mike Teter
Colorado Springs, CO

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