[Es2] Shaking it up!!!!

Darin Adlard audilard at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 15:12:30 EST 2005

What's up fellas!!!!??

The es2 list is dwindling.  No matter, I will press
forward with my project all the same! 8-)  The engine
is completely disconnected from all its wiring with
most of the independent components of the engine bay
removed (ie radiator, carbon cannister, air box, etc.
etc.) and just a few tranny bolts holding it in place.
 I trying to locate an engine hoist to make some more
progress, but now tax season is starting and I have no
time.  To make matters worse, we found some wood rot
underneath the stucco of our home and the tax return
just got swallow by that upcoming repair bill.  I've
got a little $$ put away for some necessary parts as
well as the 034IIc I've decided to install.  I figure
if I'm going to mess with wiring, might as well do it
once and avoid any ECU shipments to and from for chip

How is everyone?


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