[Es2] Shaking it up!!!!

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Tue Jan 11 15:40:07 EST 2005

Hey Darin,

Lots of snow up here in Canada, which makes the beast that much more fun to 
drive! Not much to report car-wise, other than I still haven't got around to 
fixing my driver's side window. I think something broke after the car was 
caked in ice and I tried putting the window down. Grinded all the way down 
then wouldn't go up anymore. Eventually got the window back up by pulling it 
a half-inch at a time. It's a bit annoying, but I'm not going to tackle it 
until it warms up a bit. Still loving the car though! Already looking 
forward to summer...

So what's your project ETA? Do you think you'll be ready by summer?


PS - still on the wish-list for the nearish future: 2.75" exhaust; big brake 
upgrade; new windshield; recharge A/C system.

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> What's up fellas!!!!??
> The es2 list is dwindling.  No matter, I will press
> forward with my project all the same! 8-)  The engine
> is completely disconnected from all its wiring with
> most of the independent components of the engine bay
> removed (ie radiator, carbon cannister, air box, etc.
> etc.) and just a few tranny bolts holding it in place.
> I trying to locate an engine hoist to make some more
> progress, but now tax season is starting and I have no
> time.  To make matters worse, we found some wood rot
> underneath the stucco of our home and the tax return
> just got swallow by that upcoming repair bill.  I've
> got a little $$ put away for some necessary parts as
> well as the 034IIc I've decided to install.  I figure
> if I'm going to mess with wiring, might as well do it
> once and avoid any ECU shipments to and from for chip
> upgrades.
> How is everyone?
> Darin
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