[Es2] Shaking it up!!!!

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
Tue Jan 11 16:50:37 EST 2005

I too am looking for a Coupe windshield. Safelite quoted me $182
installed back in September, now when I called to schedule it, they are
quoting me $443 for the same deal. If anyone has a lead on one let me
know ASAP. I did look on Ebay, and those that were listed must be gone

Mine's just sitting on the trailer waiting for somewhere to go. The last
time it was out, was at the FLR SCCA rallyX. Lot's-o-fun.

I just bought a new shop, so it has a nice home where's there's plenty
of space to work on it, and heat too. I just got the winch working on
the trailer, so it's time to bring the 90 there too.

Right now getting the shop up and running is taking all my time, but
once a few of the more necessary chores get done, I'll have more time to


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Hey Ben,
Did you see the windshields on Ebay?  Somebody had a dozen or so for 
$325 each.  I don't know if you can get them otherwise.
Also, why not go for a 2.5" from Brullen?  They can make it to fit a CQ 
then you may have to have some customizing to hook it up to the 3B dp 
but that shouldn't be too hard.
Aren't you out west?


Ben Klumper wrote:

> Hey Darin,
> Lots of snow up here in Canada, which makes the beast that much more
> fun to drive! Not much to report car-wise, other than I still haven't 
> got around to fixing my driver's side window. I think something broke 
> after the car was caked in ice and I tried putting the window down. 
> Grinded all the way down then wouldn't go up anymore. Eventually got 
> the window back up by pulling it a half-inch at a time. It's a bit 
> annoying, but I'm not going to tackle it until it warms up a bit. 
> Still loving the car though! Already looking forward to summer...
> So what's your project ETA? Do you think you'll be ready by summer?
> Ben
> PS - still on the wish-list for the nearish future: 2.75" exhaust; big
> brake upgrade; new windshield; recharge A/C system.
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>> What's up fellas!!!!??
>> The es2 list is dwindling.  No matter, I will press
>> forward with my project all the same! 8-)  The engine
>> is completely disconnected from all its wiring with
>> most of the independent components of the engine bay
>> removed (ie radiator, carbon cannister, air box, etc.
>> etc.) and just a few tranny bolts holding it in place.
>> I trying to locate an engine hoist to make some more progress, but 
>> now tax season is starting and I have no time.  To make matters 
>> worse, we found some wood rot underneath the stucco of our home and 
>> the tax return just got swallow by that upcoming repair bill.  I've
>> got a little $$ put away for some necessary parts as
>> well as the 034IIc I've decided to install.  I figure
>> if I'm going to mess with wiring, might as well do it
>> once and avoid any ECU shipments to and from for chip
>> upgrades.
>> How is everyone?
>> Darin
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