[Es2] Shaking it up!!!!

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Tue Jan 11 17:31:38 EST 2005

Hey guys, well here's my sorry update. As if the import thing isn't bad  
enough. The guys in Canada that are doing the work are also trying to do a  little 
work over on me it seems. When this all started almost six months ago,  this 
shop quoted me $3500 Canadian to take the AAN engine that spun a rod  bearing 
out and instal my built engine from my S4 as well as the DSY  6-speed and big 
brakes and five lug conversion. Seemed fair. Well after  months of run around 
because they opened a shop in Florida just before the  hurricans hit and have 
been spending alot of time down there I talk to them  today and they say if I 
want to have the 6 speed fit it is going to jack the  price up to $8500 
canadian . Obviously this is way more  than I can afford right now so I tell them to 
just put the stock tranny in and  be done with it so that I can just get the 
car here and figure the rest out  myself. Well now he says its gonna take two 
weeks to get it all back together  and the price will be $6400 canadian. So 
all this time and I'll get the car back  with the stock tranny and $3K more than 
expected. You might ask why I don't just  go get the car, well after all this 
and how much they want me to pay I want to  make sure they at least have it 
done right and I can drive it. This sucks,  I guess I learned my lesson on this 
one, never let someone else do the work you  can do on your one no matter 
what they tell you its gonna cost. 

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davekase at pdqlocks.com writes:

Whan  y'all find that pile o'money, let me know.  I could use a few grand  
to finish up my car.

I lurk on the list here but don't say  much.  My car has the B4 hood 
conversion, S2 front bumper and S2  cross member.  That was done when I 
had the car painted.  I have  a 3B in exploded view all over my garage.  
New JE pistons are ready  to go in.  I just need to have the valve job 
done (I gave the head a  mild porting) and the crank ground.

I have most of the S2 widgets I  need.  I just need to get a bunch of 
stuff done around the house and  hopefully do the swap this summer.

Dave Kase
in south central  PA

Miller, Chris wrote:

>Hi Darin,
>My time  over the holidays was spent shoveling snow and fixing the house,
>not  working on the engine conversion.  Still hoping to find some time  in
>the next month or so to shovel the snow off the parts car and pull  the
>motor... 3" snow forecast tonight... 
>Hope to put  the coupe in the barn this week and start on the other stuff
>(body  work) etc.
>Need to find a pile of money somewhere to afford a  clutch and some other
>conversion parts...
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>What's  up fellas!!!!??
>The es2 list is dwindling.  No matter, I  will press forward with my
>project all the same! 8-)  The engine  is completely disconnected from
>all its wiring with most of the  independent components of the engine bay
>removed (ie radiator, carbon  cannister, air box, etc.
>etc.) and just a few tranny bolts holding it  in place.
> I trying to locate an engine hoist to make some more  progress, but now
>tax season is starting and I have no time.  To  make matters worse, we
>found some wood rot underneath the stucco of our  home and the tax return
>just got swallow by that upcoming repair  bill.  I've got a little $$ put
>away for some necessary parts as  well as the 034IIc I've decided to
>install.  I figure if I'm going  to mess with wiring, might as well do it
>once and avoid any ECU  shipments to and from for chip upgrades.  
>How is  everyone?
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