[Es2] Shaking it up!!!!

Chip Ellis lschip at speakeasy.net
Tue Jan 11 17:39:38 EST 2005

Hey Dave,
I was looking for the expansion tank, but found somebody with one and it 
should be on
the way; hopefully.
I actually "fixed" mine. I couldn't find my soldering iron so I heated up a 
small screwdriver
with a torch and "welded" up it up. It's held for 2 weeks!

My 3B is still in the old 200 out in the back yard (I have a basement 
project in front of it, plus it's
ski season, and I'm heading to Steamboat in Feb with the Gruppe Q guys ), 
but, depending on
the condition of the engine when I take it apart, I'm toying with the idea 
of custom pistons, etc.
Where did you get the JEs? What compression ratio are you going with?
Can I ask how much $$?
You keeping the stock rods? I'm planning to: I don't need 400hp or over 
Any other internal engine mods?

'90 CQ, still NA, waiting...

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