[Es2] my project

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Tue Jan 11 23:30:53 EST 2005

As Darin says, chatter is light, so I will chime in.

I spent the last two weekends installing the 3B into my 47k mile project
coupe . I was starting from almost a bare shell, so I had to install
everything. Fuel lines went bad just sitting around, even though it has been
stored inside. I ran new feed and return tubes from fuel filter to engine,
and adapted to the engine. I used one of the coupe braided hoses to make a
neater installation.

I bought new clutch master and slave cylinders and new tranny and engine
mounts. Figured there will never be an easier time to do these.

I cut the holes through the firewall, and pulled the harness and battery
cable through. I installed the entire driveline (except front half shafts)
including engine and tranny, rear dif, axles, and drive shaft, and routed
all the underhood wires and hoses to the proper connections. It was nice to
remove the tags that have been on the harness since I pulled it from the
donor four years ago. Still need to connect the MAF and canister, and a
tranny connection. Alternator and coolant pump will come later.

My job now is to connect the wiring behind the firewall. This, I fear, will
be the biggest pain of all. Wish me luck.

Rick in Ohio
coupe of the big steps finally done

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