[Es2] Stand Alone Update...

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Sat Jul 2 21:15:27 EDT 2005


Well guys, I thought I'd pass along an update on the installation of my AEM 
EMS. Things are progressing rapidly towards a delivery sometime next week. 
Since AEM does not make a plug and play version for the AAN, like Joey P. has, 
there is a lot of custom wiring which included the complete removal of the stock 
wiring harness. Doing the wrenching and wiring is my good friend Dave Jones of 
3R Racing in Denver. He's using all gold connectors and has installed a 
cannon plug at the firewall to allow quick disconnect for future upgrading ;-) Here 
are a few pics.


This should be the first AAN with an AEM EMS running things. Some of the 
features will include launch control where I can just hold the gas pedal down and 
the AEM will hold any preselected rpm with 0 mph. It also allows for flat 
footed shifting and I again hold the gas pedal down while shifting and it holds 
some boost and a specified rpm. This thing is going to rock!

I have sold a lot of the stuff I had for sale but I still have:

1)   2 used POSs- $75 ea. and 1 new POS- $150
2)   Complete AAN wiring harness- $500
3)   17x8 BBS RC factory polished w/225/45-17 Nokiian WRs- $1500
4)   18x8.5 BBS CH hand polished w/235/40-18 Kumho MXs- $2200
5)   Autometer Phantom air/fuel ratio gauge- $35
6)    K&N drop in filter 1 used and 1 new- $65 both
7)   Sparco low profile shift knob, used- $35
8)   Momo Short Anatomic shift knob, used- $30

Hap, wit dakine AEM EMS stuff from Evahboost, Maguire

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