[Es2] rough running when cold

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Jul 13 10:43:09 EDT 2005

Elijah, it sounds like it could be your O2 sensor on its way out. When was 
the last time it was replaced?


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Subject: [Es2] rough running when cold

> Hi all, my car is running great when it warms up but when I first start it
> and drive at neutral throttle it feels like all at once the car will just 
> loose
> engine power for a couple seconds then as fast as it was gone its back. 
> This
> only happens in the first mile then it runs normal. aAny idea's? The only
> other thing that I'm trying to figure out is every once in a while when I 
> push
> in on the clutch to downshift when coming to an intersection the car will
> stall.  I have switched the ISV with a spare but it still does it. What 
> else
> could cause  this? Thanks for any help.
> Elijah (my cars specs to date below)
> 91 Audi Coupe Quattro- AAN engine transplant, K27 hybrid turbo, Bailey BV,
> custom tube header, 3" custom turbo back exhaust with WG exhausted 
> seperate,
> stiffer WG spring, port and polished head with 3 angle valve job, 7A 
> exhaust
> cam, RS2 injectors, RS2 MAF, 19 row Mocal oil cooler, 24x12x3 FMIC, 
> Dahlback
> Racing intake manifold, Pauder Rods, TS tuning SW (soon to be Mihnea 
> tuned),
> ARP  head studs, multi layer steel head gasket, custom dual core aluminum
> radiator,  battery relocated to the rear, custom front crossmember, 11lb 
> aluminum
> flywheel,  clutchnet six puck clutch, H&R springs, Koni adjustible shocks, 
> 28mm
> RS2  front swaybar, 18mm whiteline adjustible rear swaybar, solid aluminum
> subframe  bushings, solid aluminum strut tower bushings (Mance Mounts), 
> Nylon
> control arm  bushings, Five lug URS4 hubs in front with 993 Porsche big 
> blacks,
> custom  aluminum hats with 993 cast drilled rotors in front, new beetle 
> vented
> 280mm  rotors in rear with URS4 rear calipers with S8 carriers, s2 gauges,
> 30lb boost  gauge, RS2 headlights, RS2 (fiberglass) front bumper, B4 hood, 
> S2
> fogs and  sidemarkers, SSR competition wheels, and a whole hell of a lot 
> of  fun!
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