[Es2] NuS6 Avus wheels on a coupe

Bluemaxww1 at aol.com Bluemaxww1 at aol.com
Sun Jul 24 16:40:23 EDT 2005

Just thought I would share this with you in case others were thinking of  
running either of these wheels.  For a while I have been looking for some  S6 
Avus 17X8 ET35 wheels for my coupe.  Basically, I wanted these vs the S4  Avus 
17X7.5 ET45 wheels, so I would have a wider wheel and not have to run  spacers.
I already have a set of Avantgarde 17X8 ET35s, so I knew the S6  wheels would 
I finally found a nice set and locally.  :tup:   The wheels came with 
255/40X17 tires aready mounted.  About 1/3 tread left  on them.  I had some real 
concerns about whether or not these would fit on  a coupe.  Would they clear the 
front tie rod arms.  Both my  Avantgardes and S4 wheels had 225/45X17 tires on 
Now I am running  Ground Control Coilovers, so the front spring perch would 
not be a problem.
I  mounted up the wheels and tires. The 255 tire comes real close to the tie 
rod  end.  The arm itself sits slighly higher than the tire.  So arm was  not 
a problem, but I couldn't see any daylight between the tie rod end and the  
I spun the wheel a few times, pulled the wheel and checked for rubbing  on 
the tire.  NONE. :D 
I went for a drive on the streets near my  house.  Pulled the front wheels 
and checked the tires for rubbing.   NONE.
I went for a sprited freeway drive, pushing it on the on ramps and  favorite 
S-curve off ramp.  Pull the wheels and checked for  rubbing.  NONE 
No rubbing on the fender, inner or outer.  I  do not run an aggressive 
lowered stance, so this could be a factor if you are. I  like a little give.
It was 90 degrees during the road test, so expansion  would have taken place.
Now some comparisons.
The S4 wheel with 225/45X17  Michlein Sports weighed 48.5 pounds.
The S6 wheel with 255/40X17 Continental  Sport Contacts weighed 47.5 pounds.  
Wider wheel with wider tire and it  weighs less.  Well that was an unexpected 
The steering feel is  better.  Not as light as with the 225s.  That is a plus 
as I always  felt the steering lacked a enough road feel.  Another plus.    
Continental tires are not impressive.  Squealed, but held pretty  decent.
This tire may be narrower than some other brands of tires, so I may  have a 
rubbing problem with another brand.  I will probably run some  Pirelli Zeros.  
I ran these on the track for a couple of days, as they came  with my 
Avantgarde wheels, and figure I would use them up.  The held pretty  good, and wore 
surprisingly well.
Going from a 205/60X15 stock to a 255/40X17 tire, things just keep getting  
For pictures you can go to here - 
_http://forums.audiworld.com/9080/msgs/309004.phtml_ (http://forums.audiworld.com/9080/msgs/309004.phtml) 
Greg  W.

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