[Es2] MAF to intake side of turbo

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 00:30:13 EDT 2005


Oh my gosh, I can actually comment on something and have it add something. =)

I haven't done the mod, but I have read about the cars that have had
it done.  The airflow on the pressure side of the turbo is actually
less, because it is denser than before the turbo (well, intercooler). 
I believe not ripping out the maf wire is one of the benefits of doing

I suppose the idea is that the air mass is about the same on either
side, but the software can be optimized so that it remains as trouble
free as with the original location.

Elijah, I don't know if you have read through all the past S2forum
threads on it, but it's been discussed a decent amount on there. 
Basically if you can get someone like Mihnea to custom map your car,
you can move the maf there if you want.  It's sort of suggested that
you leave it before the turbo, but I do recall that the maf wire is
less likely to be sucked through than before the turbo, because say x
amount of intake air is slower but denser on that side.


Well anyway, those threads have some info.  From memory, I think it's
healthier for the wire to be on the pressure side, but things like
part throttle driveability might be adversely affected if a remap
isn't done.

It sure makes for a cleaner intake setup in some installs.


On 6/5/05, CaptMagu at aol.com <CaptMagu at aol.com> wrote:
> Elijah
> I dont think this would be a good idea. There are numerous listers that have
> pulled the hot wire with MAF overflow in its current location. With the
> compression and force of the turbo, won't the air be travelling faster at this point
> in the charge air tract? Its also my understanding that the mass of the
> airflow is read because of the change of resistance in that little hot wire as air
> flows over it. If you change the temperature of that air you should be
> changing this equation a good amount.
> Hap,wit dakine airflow thoughts from Evahboost, Maguire

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