[s-cars] Re: [Es2] MAF to intake side of turbo

Richard Tanimura richard.tanimura at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 02:22:43 EDT 2005


Temp is not really a factor. The hotwire MAF measures temp by
measuring the current needed to maintain the platnum wire at a
constant temp. If air is warmer, less current is needed which is an
indicated of less mass. This jives with the fact that air is less
dense at higher temps. If less air flows, less current is needed and
that is an indication of less mass. And vice versa. The elegance of
the hotwire MAF is that the measurement is self compensating for
temperature changes.

Mass flow in kg/min is constant in a closed system. Air velocity
(m/sec) might be higher after the IC but density will be lower. You
probably know better than most of us whether faster moving but less
dense air is harder on an object than slower moving denser air. It is
something I know zip about. But if your IC is doing it's job, temps
won't be too elevated after the IC meaning velocity won't be much
higher either. No?


On 6/6/05, CaptMagu at aol.com <CaptMagu at aol.com> wrote:
> Elijah
> I dont think this would be a good idea. There are numerous listers that have
> pulled the hot wire with MAF overflow in its current location. With the
> compression and force of the turbo, won't the air be travelling faster at this point
> in the charge air tract? Its also my understanding that the mass of the
> airflow is read because of the change of resistance in that little hot wire as air
> flows over it. If you change the temperature of that air you should be
> changing this equation a good amount.
> Hap,wit dakine airflow thoughts from Evahboost, Maguire
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