[Es2] aan swap to coupe....helpppppp.

Mark Wetzel mark.wetzel at verizon.net
Thu Jun 16 21:26:07 EDT 2005

That's what I've got on mine.


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>Date: Thu Jun 16 08:00:14 CDT 2005
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>Subject: Re: [Es2] aan swap to coupe....helpppppp.

>Hey Dustin,
>You know there is another possiblity.  Change the front of the coupe to a B4 
>sedan make up and run the radiator in front.  There is a guy on AW and S2Forum 
>running a B4 sedan with a 20VT.  You could talk to him a little about his 
>installation.  Do a search on both. Just a thought.
>Greg W.
>n a message dated 6/15/2005 8:35:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time, IMAIAMI at aol.com 
>> hello.
>> I have an aan motor from a 95 urs4 in my 90 coupe.....
>> I didn't realize the extent up until now of the fab work and all the 
>> goodness 
>> that I am going to have to undergo........
>> do any of you know of any aan manifolds that will clear the radiator that 
>> are 
>> cheaper than the dahlback one?
>> and even with the dahlback one, or one just like it,  to what extent will I 
>> have to redirect the piping?
>> or,
>> does any one know of a way to maker her driveable for cheap?
>> thakyou...
>> dustin
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