[Es2] V8 torsen rear diff on coupe S2

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Tue Jun 21 16:44:10 EDT 2005

FWIW,  the going rate for complete V8 rear diffs is around $300-$500 
used.   There was a "group buy"  on the S car list for $300 a year or 
two ago, with 15 or  so getting shipped over from Germany.  My guess is 
that we could get similar pricing if we could get ten or so ordered so 
that shipping would not drive the price up to high.

Remember that if you buy new, you will also need the V8 flanges.


Bluemaxww1 at aol.com wrote:

>I talked to a dealer that I have been buying parts from since 1981.  Gives me 
>deal on parts.
>He said he could supply 5+ rear V8 torson units at $1400ea plus the shipping. 
> This is about 300 less than retail.  This is about the same price as a 
>Quaife.  Of course, no Quaifes are made for drop-ins, in our rear diffs.  There are 
>none in the country, in the Audi supply system, at this time.  He would have 
>to order them from Germany, and I am sure he would not do this without the 
>funds up front.  He would sell them through me, so I would probably have to take 
>out a resellers permit, so taxes could be avoided for those not in a CA.
>I would be willing to take care of the handling for the shipping.
>Let me know.
>Greg W. 
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