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 I know the directions aren't complete but in the same forum that I  copied 
the directions from there are answers and info on how it all works. For  those 
who are not on the s2forum.com list, get there and read, they are the same  as 
us and between the two we pretty much have all the angles figured  out.

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I'm a Digest lurker on this es2 list, but can't lurk  without comment about
your subject "how to" swap instructions.  Are  you not mixing parts from two
different shim matched assemblies without  mention of the absolute necessity
for reshimming?  Check the final  drive assembly procedures in any Bentley!
This is no simple task, and  absolutely essential to the successful overhaul
of any Hypoid final  drive.


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> Ok guys, this seems like a very  good upgrade for our cars, especially the
> ones making big power  because of wheel spin coming out of corners. This was
> posted on the S2  forum and the directions look pretty straight forward. I
> would   
> like to do this but don't have time and or the right  equipment/knowledge to
> feel  comfortable doing it. Anyone out the  want to whip up a batch of 
> There  have been so many custom  group buys lately I thought maybe someone
> would 
> like to   do this one.
> Elijah
> Here's  a small how-to on swapping the open S2 diff for a V8 torsen  one.
> I'll start this at the point where you have both diffs in front  of  you on
> the bench.
> - Drain all the oil from  both diff's
> - Remove both  the driveshaft flanges from both  diff's
> - Remove the casing-cover that sits  behind the driveshaft  flange, on both
> diff's. That casing is bolted to the diff   housing itself with 9 bolts.
> - Remove both diffs out of it's  housing
> -  Then remove the O-ring seal at the far end of the diff  housing from both
> the V8  diff and S2 diff.
> The reason  for that; is that one of the two driveshaft  flanges from the S2
>  is different then from the V8. The V8 driveshaft flange has  a  thicker
> diameter 
> at the point where it seals with the O-ring.  We need the V8  driveshaft
> flange eventually on the S2 diff  housing.
> These O-rings are metal,  and are pressed in the diff  housing. They can be
> removed by driving them out  with a  pendriver and a hamer from the inside 
> Ofcourse it will be  better  to replace the V8 O-ring with a new O-ring. 
> make  sure its not damaged if  you use it or dried out.
> - Press the V8  O-ring in the S2 diff housing. You  will notice that the
> inside  diameter from the V8 O-ring is bigger then the S2  O-ring.
> - Passing on to the diffs itself.
> - Remove the crown  wheels  from both diff's (bolted with 10 bolts). And 
> them  around. So S2 crown wheel  onto the V8 Torsen Diff. Retighten the  
> at xx NM (will need to check what  NM's I tightened the  bolts)
> - Drop the V8 Torsen diff in its new S2  housing
> -  Make sure all bearings are clean. Apply some liquid gasket on the   
> where the casing-cover meets the diff casing. Then put the  casing-cover  to
> close the diff again.
> - Retighten the 9  bolts
> - Mount the V8  driveshaft flange on the side were you  swapped the O-ring
> And on the other  side IIRC the S2 driveshaft  can be fitted.
> - retighten the bolts from both  shaft  flanges
> - Check if there's any play on the diff bearings and that  it  turns easily
> - Fill the diff with some fresh oil. And check  for leaks.
> -  Get it back under the car asap!! And while you're  at it, throw in a
> powerflex  diff rubber aswell.
>  Enjoy some sideways actions!!
> I'm not  responsible if  there's a failure because someone used this method 
> swap his   diff. If you do this swap, use your common sence and check every
> step  for  yourself.
> Cheers   guys!
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