[Es2] V8 torsen rear diff on coupe S2

Bluemaxww1 at aol.com Bluemaxww1 at aol.com
Wed Jun 22 01:23:22 EDT 2005

Hi Elijah,
The only problem with the used torsens is they are now 10 to 15 years  old.  
They will be from cars of unknown mileage, from cars of unknown  maintenance, 
and of unknown corrosion.  Fieco of V-map fame can tell you  what it is like 
to get a torsen, pay to get it installed, and then have it not  be any good.
Now someone else wrote that you had to use V8 flanges.  I don't think  this 
is the case.  Spanish on the S2 forum used the flanges from his  S2.  Now I 
know this are 108mm like the V8s, but if he can use the S2  flanges, we can use 
the Coupe 20V.
Just something to consider.
Greg W.
In a message dated 6/21/2005 4:21:44 PM Pacific Standard Time,  Elijahallen92 

 I think we would be better off going with used V8 torsen diffs  since we 
will be pretty much rebuilding them anyway. I'll check around to see  whats out 



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