[Es2] coupe 20v with AAN For Sale Ca Car

Fkutyba at aol.com Fkutyba at aol.com
Tue Mar 8 10:54:32 EST 2005

I have been helping a friend of mine convert his 90 coupe to a Es2.. with a  
AAN 20v turbo engine
This list has been a very valuable source of info and help ....
However he cant complete it at this time because he has a little one on the  
way. So he is considering selling the project its about 90% finished.
I thought I would post it here to see if anyone might be  interested   
Here are some of the details
1990 Coupe  Ca Car  RUST FREE
AAN from 93 S4 with less than  90k on it.
All new hoses replaced and absolutley everything that needed to be done  
before the engine went in the car.
Timing belt and water pump done
New clutch kit installed
Engine is installed in vehicle 
New engine mounts, trans mounts etc etc
6 speed trans comes with the project but is not installed at this time, The  
engine has the 5 speed mated to it,
The car has the following
Rs2 front bumper'
Elipsoid headlights.
All lower rockers color matched
ABT 17" wheels
Bilstiens and Eibach springs
Cobra one piece race seats
If anyone has any interest please email me directly, pictures are available  
and I would be happy to help finish the project.
The car is pretty close to being finished.. Its a great oppurtunity for the  
right person..
Email directly 
Fabryce Kutyba
_www.gmgracing.com_ (http://www.gmgracing.com) 

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