[Es2] wiring harness connector contacts

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Thu Mar 10 14:47:03 EST 2005

I just checked through some old emails and found that Tyco (AMP) quoted 
me prices of  $194 / thousand with a minimum 3000 piece order of the 
female junior power timer contact that is used all over on our cars.  
They said that they did not have any distributors for that part. I 
didn't feel like spending $600 for terminals, but they did send 10 

One problem with AMP is that they have about 30 different part numbers 
for contacts, depending on wire size, insulation diameter, plating, 
etc., and they can't easy check if they have anything comparable to what 
you are looking for in stock.  Instead, you have to look up ALL of the 
part numbers that may work for you, then get them to check price and 
availability on all of them.  This is an extremely painful process.  In 
my professional and hobby experience with them, I have found AMP to be 
very difficult to work with.  Even their representatives have a 
difficult time getting information.  Anyway, I am getting off the 
subject. :)

Mike Sylvester wrote:

>It looks like they have one of the types, but they are quite pricey.   Like
>$1 each for the female and $1.50 for the male.
>Chris Miller Wrote:
>Try here:
>I'll be doing similar soon, I hope....
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