[Es2] wiring harness connector contacts

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Since i started working on my other coupe I have been looking into electrical options.  When I did my first coupe I bought the vagtools that allowed me to pull the wires with connectors out of the amp connectors.  I went to the junk yard and sourced alot of connectors.  One option instead of splicing is attach another connector to the wire you cut.  Instead of using an audi/european connector you could use a generic GM weather-tite connector.  Audi-gm(where the cut was made)-audi 

I will be building my own engine bay harnesses including engine/lights/allternator etc.  I plan on using a mixture of audi AMP connectors and GM connectors.

I sourced a crimp tool and extractor tool from Summit racing:


You can even get a starter kit for $50.00 which has parts for: two 4 pin,four 3 pin,three 2 pin, and 4 1 pin connectors.

Figured I throw that idea onto the list.

Also keep in mind the heat shrink spice connectors from autozone are actually quite nice.

> From: "Brandon Hull" <Hull at cardinalpartners.com>
> Date: 2005/03/10 Thu PM 03:24:40 EST
> To: "Mike Sylvester" <msylvester at verizon.net>,  <es2 at audifans.com>
> Subject: [Es2] wiring harness connector contacts
> I believe that Audi sourced most of it's connectors from AMP.  At least
> that's where all the CQ/3B connectors we used were sourced.
> http://www.amp.com/  AMP has something like 80% market share in
> automotive connectors so it's likely they are on the urq too.
> Brandon
> > 
> > I am in the process of merging my 3B harness with the urq 
> > harness and would like to avoid cutting and splicing wire. 
> > Does anyone know of a good source to buy the contacts that 
> > are in the connectors?
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