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Crap,  just finished rebuilding my entire suspension, and just saw these
on ebay,  has anyone tried?  Shameless how the upper bearings  wear...

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There are 4 different color bearings that will fit all these  cars.
They are Black, Blue, Green, and Gray.
The Grays were the original equip. on my URQ. The blues and greens are a  
slightly taller version, and the black are almost 3/8" taller than the other  
units, and are I think the OE for CGTs. The only difference that I have been  
able to determine is the height. The bearings don't seem to be any more robust  
from one to the other. The rubber "durometer" or hardness does vary to some  
degree, but that is not the usual failure point anyway.
$36 a pair is not a great price, but not a bad price either. A supplier in  
Boulder Colorado was selling them a few years ago for about half  that. 

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