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I got in on this group purchase. They are expensive but if it means a  
lifetime mount solution that seems to be a big problem in these cars I'm in.  I'll 
let you know how I like them when I get them in the car. For now the ones  in 
the car are the green ones so we'll see how they hold up a Gratton Raceway  
next month. Any of you going?

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>>There's been an  ongoing thread in AudiWorld from "1pissedoff90" - you may 
>>remember  "Mance" from the S-car list - His S-car is gone and now he is  
>>modifying a B4 90 V6.
>>Mance tested most of  the available upper strut mounts for the B3/B4 
>>("greens", "blues",  "blacks") etc, and found that these new Meyle ones 
>>were the  strongest.   http://forums.audiworld.com/9080/msgs/258786.phtml
>>Even  the Meyle one wasn' t good enough, so Mance developed a solid mount  
>>- and now he is selling  them:
>>in  the strictest sense he is not an "official Audiworld vendor" he is not  
>>selling them....at least on audiworld that is. So contact him  directly 
>>through the audifans ad if  interested.
>>Alex van Gerbig has a group purchase  running through today with a $50 
>>discount off  retail
>>http://www.euro-audi-parts.com  thread:  
>>Personally,  I am intrigued, but at almost $400, I'll try a few sets of  
>>standard mounts first.
>>BTW, he is also  making adjustable sway bar links for the B3/B4 and also 
>>and  adjustable strut tower bar that connects to the factory B4 strut  
>>tower  ends.
>>At  06:10 PM 3/18/2005, you wrote:
>>>Crap, just finished rebuilding  my entire suspension, and just saw these
>>>on ebay, has anyone  tried?  Shameless how the upper bearings  wear...
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