[Es2] Clutch roll call

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Tue Mar 22 10:46:45 EST 2005


Funny that you mention that....
Javad has offered me his "slightly used" 1k mile clutch.

slightly used means that its slipping at over 500 whp.

I told him that I would like to see it first

Btw, you may want to ask Javad, as he is a spec dealer.....


At 10:35 AM 3/22/2005, Jimmy Pribble wrote:

>You are wise.  I didn't listen and I am now shopping for a clutch.
>My decision isn't final, but I am considering a SPEC clutch, because
>a) they have applications specifically for the CQ, and b) they have
>several different options, including race clutches.  Stages 1-4 are
>available for the CQ and they also have an aluminum flywheel:

1991 200 20v Q Avant Titan Grey
1991 200 20v Q Avant Indigo Mica
1991 90 20v Q Red
1990 CQ silver (awaiting S2 engine transplant)

Chelmsford Ma, USA 

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