[Es2] Clutch roll call

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Wed Mar 23 07:45:58 EST 2005

 I have the 11lb aluminum flywheel and a centerforce clutch. This  setup came 
out of my 94 S4 and I ran it in that car for 10K miles and a few  track 
events a year. When I pulled it off it still looked great and we didn't  even need 
to resurface the flywheel. It feels very similar to the stock clutch  in the 
S4 if you've ever driven one. It is not jerky and has a very tight bit  when 
needed but also easy to let the cluch out slow for smooth starts. I never  had 
it slip in the S4 and all four tires would spin in first gear when you stood  
on it. BTW I got the radiator in my car last night. I'm gonna try to start it  
today, wish me luck.

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pcschulz at comcast.net writes:


My S2 engine rebuild is nearing completion at  NEA.
They will be resurfacing my flywheel if necessary, but recommended  that I 
consider a new clutch kit.
My goal for this engine is to run it  originally with the k24 turbo, but 
eventually move to an RS2 class one,  with the requisite upgrades in 
injectors, ECU sw, etc - so I am looking at  eventually getting hp to 320 or 

My intent is to use my S2 for the  track, but also have it driveable on the 
street - so I would prefer a  sprung clutch plate.

What are you folks running/planning to  run?


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