[Es2] Another day another $$

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Wed Mar 30 22:08:14 EST 2005

Hi all, today I brought the car home from the shop. It ran great for the 30  
mile drive. I was taking it pretty easy since I'm still nervous just driving 
it.  When I got it to my house I decided to take it down the straigh that I 
live on,  its a mile streach that goes past a feild and some swampland (no 
house's or  roads coming into it). I took first gear slow then put my foot down for 
second  third and forth. Holy crap does this thing go, It still likes to be 
above  3500rpms to get any quick spoolup but after that the acceleration is 
greater and  greater all the way to redline. Anyway thats the good part, the bad 
part is that  once I slowed down I noticed smoke from under the hood, it was 
oil and was  smoking very bad. I pulled over and turned it off asap. I poped the 
hood and saw  the timing belt was worn through the cover and oil was 
everywhere. I ran back to  the house and got the truck and wife and towed the car 
home. I took the front  end off and pulled the cover and saw that the timing belt 
tensioner was almost  off and was cocked sidways and made the timing belt push 
out and go through the  cover as well as the oil line to the oil cooler. I 
think I got lucky because I  shut the engine off just before this thing popped 
off and the car was still  running fine. I just ordered a new cover and the 
bracket that holds the  tensioner wheel on. The bolt had been over tightened by 
the hack Canada shop and  the stripped the bracket out. Hope to have the parts 
by next week and have the  car back on the road asap.


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