[Es2] Another day another $$

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Thu Mar 31 15:17:52 EST 2005

 Yea, these guys put the engine back together and I checked torque on  the 
head studs just to make sure they didn't over tighten them as  well. 
Unfortunately I think they did but I don't know if I can back them off or  not without 
chancing the head gasket leaking. On my S4 I torqued the head stud  nuts to 65ft 
lbs. When I checked these they are at 80ft lbs. Is this going to be  a 
problem? I've over tightened head studs before and the washers sank into the  head 
about 1mm and I had to use vise grips to get the studs out because the  
aluminum had squeezed around them. Anyway, as for the pulley, there is no way I  
would use anything but my arms and hands to know when a 6mm bolt was tight,  
especially when its going into aluminum. Those monkeys must have felt it when  the 
thing stripped but it doesn't surprise me that they just let it go. Don't  get 
me started on that shop, good thing their closing.

In a message dated 3/31/2005 9:23:43 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
Jimmy at texasbankers.com writes:

> The  bolt had been over tightened by 
> the hack Canada shop and  the  stripped the bracket out.

>From the UrS4.com Timing Belt  FAQ:

"34. Install the belt on the water pump and cam pulley. Install  the
tensioner. Note that the Bentley says to torque the tensioner bolts to  15
ft-lb - NOT!  These bolts are only 6 mm and I stretched one before  the
cheesy feel and belated common sense kicked in at 11 ft. lb. A 6 mm  bolt
commonly takes 7 ft. lb of torque. I replaced the bolt, put on  Loctite, and
tightened using my wrist-o-meter torque  wrench."

Apparently, your shop does not have the same good common sense  as Fred
Munro.  Sorry to hear about your trouble.  Glad to hear  you caught it just
in time, though.  Congrats on getting your car up  and running!



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