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Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 10:43:33 EDT 2005

Chris, I have an RS2 airbox and can snap some pix
tonight.  Any specific requests?  Mine just sucks air
from the back of the headlight.  I suppose funneling
air to it a little better might help, but the car is
plenty fast as is.
--- "Miller, Chris" <chris.miller at infofoundry.com>
> Things have been quiet on the list; here's my brief
> project update.
> '91 coupe:  pulled the front end apart, interior
> apart (left the dash
> mostly intact for now).  This weekend Peter S. came
> by and the motor is
> out.
> Will swap in a new bomb, clean out 30 pounds of sand
> and oil, cut out
> the battery tray, delete the a/c lines, figure out
> what parts of the
> wiring harness won't be used and remove them.  Also
> need to fab speaker
> mounts for the rear speakers that I'm replacing. 
> Then figure out how to
> do body work for the rusty door and hole behind it. 
> And rusty lip on
> the driver's rear fender... Won't be a show queen,
> but a good daily
> driver.
> How does the ECM come loose, without pulling the
> dash/airbox first?
> '91 200q20v 3B:  on the engine stand.  Wiring
> harness is loose but still
> sitting in the donor car; needs final labeling etc. 
> Engine needs refresh; will swap in a new Modine oil
> cooler (probably
> passenger side front corner, lower), timing
> belt/wp/idler, valve cover
> gasket, cam timing chain, front/rear main seals,
> will replace the
> coolant hose across the front behind the belt cover;
> intake manifold
> gasket; and whatever else looks like it needs work.
> Have a used MKiv Supra intercooler; will probably
> mount it in front of
> the radiator.  Radiator needs repair; if too
> expensive, might use an urq
> radiator for now; possibly with the 200q20v aux.
> radiator behind the
> lower grill on the driver's side and middle
> (matching the oil cooler).
> Need to fab up the air intake for the S2 airbox;
> anyone have a photo of
> the interior of an S2 or RS2 airbox?  Mine doesn't
> have the snorkel and
> I'm not sure how big to make it.  Will box in the
> passenger's headlight
> to force air into the box.
> Need to figure out exhaust and downpipe.  Have an
> AAN and a 3B; won't
> test fit unti the motor is in place.  Probably cut
> one myself; tack it
> and then have someone else finish the welding, with
> a flex joint at the
> bottom.  Might start by reusing the 7A cat and back.
> Going slow; only a couple hours a week available
> lately.  My digital
> camera died at Christmas so no pics right now.
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