[Es2] custom RS2 caliper brackets: feeler post :VSMail mx3

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Tue May 17 13:28:44 EDT 2005

Those 345x30mm rotors wouldn't work with the rs2 brackets anyways,
without a 10+ mm spacer.  What's 10mm, nearly half an inch? 5 washers?

I don't think you'll need more than the 323 diameter rotors.  Works
great for me.

Here's part numbers, pictures, other stuff...



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> It's actually "lang", right?

"Langversion" according to audi.de.

> I thought the diameter was in the ballpark of 322mm or so.

Not the A8L:

345x30, 4D0 615 301 B

You are probably referring to the 323x30 rotor.

> Unless I hear of some accurate and compelling reason not to...

>> wouldn't recommend this rotor on any application, since each weighs 
>> about the same as the USS Northampton.

Here, I am referring to the 345x30 rotor (which earlier I mistakenly
called 245mm).

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