[Es2] custom RS2 caliper brackets: feeler post :VSMail mx3

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Tue May 17 13:51:33 EDT 2005

On 5/17/05, Jimmy Pribble <Jimmy at texasbankers.com> wrote:
> > I thought the diameter was in the ballpark of 322mm or so. 
> Not the A8L: 
> 345x30, 4D0 615 301 B 
> You are probably referring to the 323x30 rotor. 

Yes, that's the one.  Reportedly used on A8L's with Lucas calipers. 
Not the Brembo calipered ones, which seems like appeared on the S8's. 
Anyone have a part number for the 323mm one?  I found "N1000-126262",
but that isn't an Audi part number.  It pulls up lots of search hits
as the rotor in question, however.


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